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Solar Thermal Systems

Reduce your carbon emissions and save money

Why Solar Thermal?

This is a renewable technology system which can deliver
most of your domestic hot water requirements. Installing
premium vacuum tube collectors to the roof of your property,
helps to reduce your carbon emissions, saves you money and
can also add significant value to your property.

We only install highly efficient heat pipe collectors. This effective
energy generating solution is one we always recommend – to anyone
who has the ideal property position to take full advantage of it’s
potential energy generating performance.

Acumen Expertise

Our Expertise

The systems we fit are designed especially for domestic use and ideal
for Northern European climates. The dry connection between manifold and
tube means tubes can be easily fitted and replaced, without the need to drain
down the system.

Our systems also boast highly efficient – super fast heat transfer. Unique
temperature limitation safety device – memory spring to limit temperature
to 95°C and ease of installation,these are just a few benefits the systems we
fit to your property.

All our systems offer high performance tubes and a ‘plug and play’ design for
ease of installation, this is also ideal when it comes to maintaining the system.

Solar Thermal RHI Tarrif 19.2p

per kilowatt hour of renewable heat