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Ground Source System

First class fitting improves your heating performance.

Why Ground Source?

The sun radiates energy on the earth’s surface.
Dig one metre down, and the ground is a thermal
store from which free energy can be easily extracted.
The system uses pipes contain a liquid which absorbs
the ground heat,however it is very important not to over
extract this natural resource a,with this in mind Acumen
give careful consideration to the design of any ground
collector to be viable for at least 25 years.

Ground source heat pumps are silent with negligible maintenance
needs and costs and no visible external units. Heat pumps can be easily
installed in to existing properties. Because of the constant level of heat,
ground source heat pumps are extremely efficient. Once installed and
operating, you can expect to cut your fuel bills between 35% and 70%.

Acumen Expertise

We’re experts in installation

Good installation will improve your Ground Source Heating Systems performance.
A ground source heat pump provides an excellent method for providing emission
free heating and avoiding further rises in energy bills, as well as being part of the
government RHI scheme. However they must be installed by an experienced team to
run for its full potential to be realised. To gain the full benefit of Ground Source Heating
you will design and installation experience is vital. A ground source heat pump may not
perform well unless it is incorporated into a good design platform by a company that
understands the needs of the building, the use to which the building is being put and the
local geology. We have a vast knowledge of Ground Source Heating Systems and expertly
trained employees who have designed and fitted systems with great success for many years.

Ground Source RHI Tarrif 18.8p

per kilowatt hour of renewable heat