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Biomass Boiler systems

We’re expert fitters of this zero carbon solution

Why Biomass

Biomass is a low cost, zero carbon renewable fuel solution.
Biomass heating systems generally use logs, wood chips 
or wood pellets to provide renewable heat and hot water.
The fuel is burnt in automated boilers for easy of use
so you can literally ‘fill and forget’.

Biomass heating systems can offer substantial fuel cost
and carbon savings for your home. Added to which, the 
Domestic RHI scheme provide a guaranteed income stream for 
7 years for all residential customers.

If you haven’t already applied to be part of the RHI Scheme
you’ll need the paperwork below to qualify :
Your Green Deal Assessment (GDA)Your MCS certificate
• Your bank detailsYour emissions certificate

Call us we’re happy to help you acquire everything you’ll need 0800 555 666.

Acumen Expertise

Acumen Expertise

We stock a variety MCS certified boilers that have been certified to ensure
that they are of a high quality and meet the standards expected they are all
supported by the RHI government grant scheme.

Whether you’re considering pellet boiler stoves, pellet boilers, and log gasification
boilers we have a full range that are all MCS certified. Acumen only fit MCS certified
products in your property. All our fitters are expertly trained and certified according
to the governments exacting standards.

Our aftercare service is second none and ‘we promise’ we’ll be there for you
should you experience any problems with any part of the system.
We also offer an aftercare plan so you can call on us anytime day or night.
This takes away any worries about being left without heating or hot water in your home.

Biomass is the number one solution in the RHI scheme and can easily replicate and replace
your current convenient gas system. The biomass solution is cheaper,
more efficient and is far superior to gas from an environmental stand point.

Biomass Current RHI Tarrif 12.2p

per kilowatt hour of renewable heat