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Air Source Systems

creating efficient and cost-effective energy solutions

Why Air Source?

An air source heat pump collects and utilises thermal
energy from the outside air to heat the home and provide
domestic hot water. It does this in the same way that a fridge
extracts heat from its inside.

It can extract heat from the air even when the outside
temperature is as low as -20°C, the system then converts this
to be used for heating and hot water.

The pump generates heat to be used to warm radiators, underfloor
heating systems or provide domestic hot water in your home.
The process is simple,effective and renewable; something which is good
for both the environment andfuture generations as well as your pockets.

To fit an air source system you’ll need an F-Gas certification. Call us and we’ll
be delighted to walk you through the certification process needed to qualify for
RHI, it’s simple when you know the procedures – as we do.

You can find out more about RHI by following the link

Acumen Expertise

Why Choose Acumen?

Acumen are the industry leaders when it comes to creating efficient and cost-effective
energy solutions that address today’s growing environmental concerns.

We put significant emphasis on energy conservation and create environmentally friendly
solutions that can generate your hot water.

Carbon emissions are a significant contribution to global warming, and of course ‘your energy bills’. One of the most efficient and cost-effective renewable energy technologies currently available for domestic applications are air source pumps.

This technology is a great start to a zero carbon lifestyle and a brighter future for everyone. We install quality products that are independently tested under the Governments Micro-generation Certification Scheme (MCS) and therefore qualifies for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), sometimes referred to as Clean Energy Cash back.

Whether you need a heat pump for a new building or a refurbishment project, Acumen can offer you a tailor made package that will meet your specific needs. Our unique approach to providing renewable energy technologies is second to none.

Air Source Current RHI Tarrif 7.3p

Per kilowatt hour of renewable heat